Caring for the deceased

Caring for the deceased

Once you have entrusted your loved one into our care we will look after them with respect and sensitivity. Given approval by the authorities, we can convey your loved one to our Chapel of Rest at any hour of the day or night. 

We can provide gowns or some people like to provide us with items such as a favourite outfit. Other items such as flowers, soft toys, photographs and messages may also be placed with the deceased.

If you would like personal items to be placed with the deceased, and find this too upsetting to do yourself, our staff would be happy to help.

Part of our duty is to confer with you regarding any jewellery. For instance a wedding ring or items of clothing remaining with the deceased when received on our premises. We will seek your instructions and ensure they are carried out.


Viewing the deceased

Some people find it comforting to see the person who has passed away. Others find it upsetting and prefer to remember them in other ways.

Please remember, it really is a personal choice and we aim to help in any way we can. We have Chapels of Rest located both in our offices in Newport and Cowes. Should you wish to visit your loved one you may spend as much time as you wish and come as often as you wish. We ask that you call first to arrange visit so we can ensure your and others privacy.  

First steps

Caring for the deceased

Registering the death

Telling others

“Thank you so much for making the arrangements and funeral so stress free. You made it easy and we are so very grateful”

Julie – East Cowes