Direct cremations

Direct cremations

Direct cremations are unattended cremations. They are an alternative to traditional services and may be appropriate if it was the deceased wishes or, family and friends are all unable to attend a service. It is wise to make sure that close family and friends are informed that an unattended cremation is being arranged, so that they are aware that they will not be able to be present at the Crematorium.

An Unattended cremation is a less expensive way of arranging a funeral for a loved one. Rest assured that we carry out our role with dignity and care to our high standards. The lack of attendees does not alter this. Rather than transporting your loved one to a cheaper mainland crematorium, we continue to use the Isle of Wight Crematorium allowing the cremation to take place in a suitable amount of time and with less travelling. We will take your instructions and bring your loved one into our care before the cremation takes place. We can then provide you with the ashes. You may wish to arrange your own style of memorial service at a time and place that works for you.

Up to date pricing for an Unattended Cremation is available on the ‘Standardised Price List’ link at the bottom of this page or by giving us a call.

Unattended funerals

An Unattended funeral is simply a funeral where the body is buried or cremated with no one in attendance.
For more you can information visit Isle of Wight unattended funerals.

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Direct cremations

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